Family plays a central role in the deer's life and for us, nothing captures our brand philosophy better.

We started as a family business (Kirorimal Kashi Ram Family) in 1901 and we're rooted in such traditional values as loyalty, transparency, customer friendliness and a commitment to social responsibility.


Because we understand that families are built on trust and now we'd love to earn yours.

Double Deer Basmati Rice

The journey so far

Agro Commodity Trading House


The year of our beginnings, we started out as an agro-commodity trading house


We launched two of our flagship brands – Double Deer and Postman

Double Deer Brand
Rice Milling House


We established a fully-equipped rice milling house


We made our transition into a professionally managed global business

Double Deer Global Business
Premium Basmati Brand


We rebranded Double Deer, our premium basmati brand.

Where we want to go

As a leading producer, we aim to bring rice of the highest quality right from the Himalayan foothills to tables all the way across the world.